Buffing Wax

With its beeswax and Candelilla wax base, the Buffing wax gives a high shine to all interior furniture and woodwork. Its natural colorants are U.V. resistant, enabling the original finish to be restored.


Can be used on untreated or waxed wood. On untreated wood, it is preferable to stain beforehand using Antiquing stain Les Anciens Ebénistes. Use Wax remover on wood that has old layers of wax.


Apply the 1st coat of Buffing wax with Woodworker's polishing cotton or with a paintbrush then, without leaving to dry, apply a second coat. Leave to dry for at least 30 min., then polish with a soft rag, or for a deeper shine, with a Polishing and Finishing brush.


One application every 6 months.


White spirit

*Info : The wax is darker in the tin than it will appear on the furniture, select your desired colour by name.

Buffing Wax - 00 - Natural
00 - Natural
Buffing Wax - 01 - Mahogany
01 - Mahogany
Buffing Wax - 07 - Cherry
07 - Cherry
Buffing Wax - 08 - Dark oak
08 - Dark oak
Buffing Wax - 09 - Medium oak
09 - Medium oak
Buffing Wax - 10 - Light oak
10 - Light oak
Buffing Wax - 12 - Walnut
12 - Walnut
Buffing Wax - 13 - Colorless
13 - Colorless