Timbermate's Earl's MulTfill water-based filler is a multi-purpose paintable filler which can be used on different materials such as wood, drywall, concrete, masonry, cement sheets and many others. It is designed for an indoor / outdoor use and has an unlimited shelf life.


- Fills holes / cracks;
- Can be applied on wood, drywall, masonry, cement sheets and more;
- Interior / Exterior;
- Ready to use, requires no mixing;
- Applies easily;
- Sets hard;
- Do not shrink;
- Ideal for surfaces that will be painted;
- Must be covered with a finishing coat;
- Available in white only;
- Can be mixed, prior to application, with water or oil based stains or dyes;
- Unlimited shelf life / If hardens, can be reconstituted with a little water;
- Cleans with water;
- No VOC.