Pareo Zero

Finish for Wooden Decks & Sidings

Oil emulsion for the protection of decks, sidings, fences and other outdoor wood projects. Does not peel or blister. Prevents weathering without altering the original wood tint.

  • Zero solvent, Zero VOC
  • Prevents discoloration due to UV rays
  • Prevents wood graying while keeping the wood’s original tint
  • Low environmental impact
  • Waterproofs wood surfaces
  • Allows the wood vein to show through
  • Easy to refresh: can be reapplied without stripping
  • Does not create a film on the wood surface
  • Protects against mildew
  • Protects against destructive insects
  • Does not blister or whiten over time

Project Types

Wall coverings, log houses or cabins, terraces

Surface Types

Untreated wood, commercial treated dry wood (after 1 year), restored wood (stained or oiled), exotic or torrefied wood

Pareo Zero - Colorless
Pareo Zero - Natural (Whitened)
Natural (Whitened)
Pareo Zero - White
Pareo Zero - Grey
Pareo Zero - Cherry
Pareo Zero - Medium Oak
Medium Oak
Pareo Zero - Old Pine
Old Pine
Pareo Zero - Burnt Wood
Burnt Wood
Pareo Zero - Choco Wood
Choco Wood
Pareo Zero - Dark Oak
Dark Oak
Pareo Zero - Maple Brown
Maple Brown

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