Brio Zero

Finish for Wooden Walls & Ceilings

Oil emulsion for walls, ceilings, structures and other wooden surfaces finishing. In one single application, Brio Zero colors, seals and waterproofs wood without masking its details.

  • Zero solvent, Zero VOC
  • Colors and seals wood in a single application
  • Waterproofs wooden surfaces
  • Dries rapidly
  • Does not raise the wood fiber
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Prevents wood discoloration
  • Great covering power
  • Leaves no film on the wood surface
  • Allows the wood vein to show through
  • Easy to apply
  • Lets the wood breathe
  • Low odor

Project types

Paneling for walls and ceilings, moldings, structures, interior doors

Surface Types

Wood, Cork

Brio Zero - Colorless
Brio Zero - Natural (Whitened)
Natural (Whitened)
Brio Zero - White
Brio Zero - Grey
Brio Zero - Cherry
Brio Zero - Medium Oak
Medium Oak
Brio Zero - Old Pine
Old Pine
Brio Zero - Burnt Wood
Burnt Wood
Brio Zero - Choco Wood
Choco Wood
Brio Zero - Dark Oak
Dark Oak

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