Tembi Products becomes a supplier for Carver Finishing Oils

In a constant concern to improve its offer of high quality finishing products, today Tembi Products is adding a new line of natural finishing oils for wood to its inventory. After introducing Tried & True Polymerized Linseed Oils last June, the company now becomes a supplier for Carver finishing oils and maintenance products.

Imported from Italy, Carver’s Primol Plus and Greenol Plus finishing oils offer 14 unique colors, which are distinct from the palette of Prato-Verde’s Uno and Secondo coloring oils. The application of Carver oils can be done with a roller, a brush, or a metal spatula, and only 2 coats are required, as opposed to 3 for Uno and Secondo. By becoming an authorized supplier for Carver oils and their related maintenance products, Deterol and Dergos, Tembi Products now offers its customers the widest oil finishes choices in Québec, in order to adapt to a market in constant evolution.